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                    We are currently shipping titles published by David Zwirner Books. Receive 20% off your order with the code STAYHOME. For all other books on our artists please visit Bookshop.org to purchase from independent bookstores, or Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million. Thank you for your interest in our publications.

                    Read an Excerpt<br>The Young and Evil


                    Lauded by Jerry Saltz as “one of the most reactionary yet radical visions of art,” The Young and Evil tells the story of a group of artists and writers active during the first half of the twentieth century, when homosexuality was as problematic for American culture as figuration was for modernist painting.

                    Buy the book here.

                    Read an Excerpt<br>The Psychology of an Art Writer


                    An openly lesbian, feminist writer, Vernon Lee—a pseudonym of Violet Paget—is the most important female aesthetician to come out of nineteenth century England.

                    Buy the book here.

                    Upcoming Exhibition<br>Marcel Dzama: Crossing the Line


                    Lying deep within the urban metropolis of Hong Kong, Happy Valley is one of the most iconic racecourses in the world. It is also the chief source of inspiration for a new body of work by American artist Marcel Dzama.

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                    David Zwirner Paris
                    July 2—25, 2023



                    Providing a crucial record of the painter Noah Davis’s extraordinary oeuvre, this monograph tells the story of a brilliant artist and cultural force through the eyes of his friends and collaborators.



                    Light Break presents the first survey since 1996 of photographer Roy DeCarava, an essential figure of American art and culture, whose “poetry of vision” re-forms urban life, labor, love, and jazz into the discovery of “an intimate, emotional arc of transformation.”

                    New Release<Br>Roy DeCarava: the sound i saw


                    Roy DeCarava’s the sound i saw is the pictorial equivalent of jazz. Here, the visionary photographer turns his gaze on legendary jazz icons Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, and Billie Holiday, among many others.

                    ekphrasis series


                    The ekphrasis series is specially dedicated to publishing out-of-print, rare, and newly commissioned texts as accessible paperback volumes. The series is part of an ongoing effort to publish new and surprising pieces of writing on visual culture.

                    Forthcoming<br>A Balthus Notebook


                    In his 1989 book on Balthus—the storied and controversial artist who worked in Paris throughout the twentieth century—Guy Davenport gives one of the most nuanced, literary, and compelling readings of the work of this master. Reading it today highlights the change in perspectives on sexuality and nudity in art in the past thirty years.

                    Forthcoming<br>Two Cities


                    From acclaimed poet and New Yorker writer Cynthia Zarin comes a deeply personal meditation on two cities, Venice and Rome—each a work of art, both a monument to the past—and on how love and loss shape places and spaces.



                    The most comprehensive overview of artist Josh Smith’s radical technicolor paintings. Josh Smith: Emo Jungle looks at the artist’s vigorous repetition of particular motifs, illuminating his approach to painting as an exploratory medium for image production.


                    New Release
                    Joan Mitchell: I carry my landscapes around with me

                    I carry my landscapes around with me focuses on American abstract artist Joan Mitchell’s large-scale multipanel works from the 1960s through the 1990s.

                    New Release<br>Doug Wheeler


                    Over five decades, Doug Wheeler has pioneered the art of light and space. His work powerfully explores the way we perceive “empty” space—the way light can affect our perception and make emptiness feel full and dense. This volume, featuring new scholarship by renowned art historian Germano Celant, traces the entire course of Wheeler’s career to date, from his first mature paintings to his immersive installations.

                    New Release<br>Rose Wylie: painting a noun...

                    New Release
                    Rose Wylie: painting a noun...

                    Celebrated British painter Rose Wylie—whose works are at once tactile, cerebral, and humorous—often draws her influence from a wide range of popular culture. Here her newest body of work references memories from her own life and mimics the way memories evolve and change over time.


                    New Release
                    Carol Bove: Ten Hours

                    Carol Bove: Ten Hours presents new work by “sculpture’s woman of steel,” as coined by Randy Kennedy in The New York Times. Her new sculptures expand on her investigations of materiality and form.

                    Spotlight Series

                    Spotlight Series

                    Each title in the Spotlight Series from David Zwirner Books features new work by a leading contemporary artist. Available in both English-only and bilingual English/traditional Chinese editions, this series makes the work of these important artists accessible to a wider audience.


                    New Release
                    Lisa Yuskavage: Babie Brood

                    Lisa Yuskavage: Babie Brood is the first survey of the artist’s small-scale paintings. While Yuskavage is primarily known for larger canvases, these intimate works offer a new window into her transgressive paintings and complex and influential oeuvre.

                    New Release<br>Donald Judd Interviews


                    Donald Judd Interviews is the first compilation of its kind, presenting sixty interviews with the artist over the course of four decades as well as a substantial body of unpublished material across a range of mediums, such as radio and film. This thoughtful collection of interviews includes Judd's insightful critiques of his own work and the work of others such as Edward Hopper, Yayoi Kusama, Barnett Newman, and Jackson Pollock.

                    New Release<br>Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings: Volume 3, 2007–2018

                    New Release
                    Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings: Volume 3, 2007–2018

                    The third volume of the catalogue raisonné of Luc Tuymans’s paintings, surveying nearly two hundred works, charts the artist’s investigation into painting’s relationship to history and technology.

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